Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"All I can do will only ever be a faint image of what I see and my success will always be less than my failure or perhaps equal to my failure. I don't know if I work in order to do something, or in order to know why I can't do what I want to do." -Alberto Giacometti

I did these little paintings in the dark one night at one of my last studio hangout sessions a while ago. It was an odd night. They were mostly musicians, artists, happy, lively and all I wanted to do was crudely draw them on the floor. Since I made these, the people I drew have all changed in a lot of ways, to me, a haunting reminder of the transient nature of things. That's what I like about making art because it has in it the energy of that unique moment in time that will never be again. I put these up on here to help me think more about why I make art in the first place. I think looking at those moments make me sad because the moment has sort of died but in this new moment I'm experiencing now when I look at them, it's still real and alive in a different way, I suppose.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bleary Eyed, Half awake.
I look for those who mean to sleep.

Push Push, Move Along,
Come on New York, Sing your Song.

Bound to ground. Hold steady your chain.

They know where we're going,
but they won't play our game.