Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Decided to do a quick sketch at work to put on illustrationfriday.com. I'd like to add something every week just for practice.
I liked this older woman because she looked so happy to me and it really made me almost look forward to growing older and developing that peace of mind.

experiment practice

This is me experimenting with cutting out paper and old art magazines and drawing and painting on top. It was very relaxing. I did them at "craft night" at Stella's, which became a weekly for tradition for about two weeks but truly deserves to be resumed. I think these drawings, paintings, collages whatever they must be called are just little stream of consciousness memories, thoughts, whatever pops into your head you do...kinda what I want to start incorporating into my paintings

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More upcoming work

Upcoming Work Preview

Paintings in progress.....

It's hard for me to put these up online without having them finished and exactly how i want them but I think it will be good for motivation to continue. I plan to complete a portrait series by the end of next month.